How to Get 18 Days off Using Bank Holidays in 2017

The bank holidays don’t usually align to allow you to take a several days off in a row without using a lot of vacation time. It just happens to be that bank holidays 2017 are aligned in such a way that you can take 18 days off using your bank holidays.

How the 18 Days Off Works

You’ll be using three bank holidays, six weekend days and nine week days off work to get the 18-day stretch. This works for Tuesday April 18 to Friday April 28. This system starts off with Good Friday on April 14 so April 13th will be your last day of work before your 18-day vacation. After Good Friday comes the weekend followed by Easter Monday. How to Request Vacation Time to Get 18 Days Off If you want to maximize annual leave 2017 then you need to know how to properly request your vacation time. Ask to book vacation time of April 18 through April 21 and April 24 through April 28. Bank holidays and weekends will surround those days and create the 18-day vacation.

Be sure to request this time off right away because several websites are outlining how to make the best of the bank holidays calendar 2017 and there is a good chance that your coworkers are considering taking the same time off.

Why This 18-Day Vacation is Special

You can do so much more with 18 days than you can with a week. While that may seem obvious, a staycation may not be the best use of time. You’ll likely get stir crazy. You may want to consider traveling abroad or in the Caribbean, at least for part of your time off.

With short vacations, you either are ready to go back to work after a staycation because you’re tired of watching talk shows and soap operas or you’re extremely tired because you had a high-energy vacation and are just exhausted. With 18 days off, you can have some relaxing time before and after some travel time, allowing you to return to work refreshed.

April’s weather is expected to be nice, which is great news for all outdoorsmen. An extended hiking or camping trip may be a good use of your time. Just make sure to have a day or two of low-stress, relaxing days before returning to work. Vacations should ultimately renew you so make a point not to have such a stressful vacation that going back to work is a chore.

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What to Do If You Can’t Get All the Time Off

If your vacation request is denied because your company would be understaffed if you took the full 18 days off, you may want to request April 18 to April 21 off. If this is granted, your vacation would start on Good Friday, continue through the weekend and Easter Monday and then vacation time accounts for the rest of that week. This would account for eight days off in a row.

It’s important to work with your management to raise your chances of getting a long string of days off.

If your company’s management is unwilling to budge and it seems like your April vacation is all but a thing of the past, don’t give up yet. Talk with fellow coworkers to see if you can trade some shifts. In environments like retail where busy times of year need the ultimate level of staffing, this may be the only way to get a long stretch of time off.

Use the Calendar Below to Help you Pick the Right Days:


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